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My hand began to move, telling its tale, weaving it through your hair.

A twitch and I paused to linger just beside your neck.

Your breaths were deep and calm, as if you were dead asleep.

"A dead man walking", as you once would have called yourself, yet here you lay.


Completely and utterly alive…

…despite your Dearest Agony's best efforts.

I could remember when all seemed hopeless, when we were not as one.

As I closed my eyes, I shivered as it suddenly came before my eyes.


Bound by chains both, our arms grasping towards the other across the floor.

Growls they echoed against the walls the nightmares were coming.

Your Dearest Agony snickered in the darkness, her arms snaking about your waist.

I hissed but felt my misery grasp my neck and force me down upon one knee.

Like animals we tried to escape, to be free.

The fire in your eyes had dimmed, burnt out like the greyed sky behind our bars.

They had been the color of shadows since before I had entered your cell.

With a shaky halo above my head the golden light flickered like a candle wick.

I too was close to being snuffed out.

Yet somehow, as the days blurred into one, the snow blew outside as the storm hit.

On my back, you watched in wonderment at how my wings once could fly your skies…

To be merely heavy weights to my body.

We ached, yet through the nights, our fingers nearly touching, we kept hope alive.

You… you joked of what you'd show me, of the love that existed in your world.

And I teased of how I'd make your arms be jealous of your heart.

You always found the riddles that seeped through my half broken sentences…

It took no time before, we realized that the chains could be tugged at, could snap partly from the wall.

That those doors that had held us both back could be taken down.

My back to the floor, halo rolled across the room to you, you held to it tightly.

Virtues in hand, you rose from the freezing tiles.

A growl back, this time from your throat, I sat at attention.

We were drowning no longer.

Not waiting for the hands to strike, but preparing for war.


I shook my head gently, feeling your own head push against my stomach.

You were always so good at snapping me back to this reality, to your world.

Clutching to my waist like everything depended upon it, I found myself smiling down at you.

To this day I truly do not know how we broke free of that prison.


Here we S T A N D, more lay side by side.

No chains to speak of…

No shadowy corners, or doom filled barred windows.


No, no, no.

Together, your heart wrapped in my halo, we found peace.

As I closed my eyes, I felt nothing but the warmth of those past memories.

Of our epics that went unheard of.

Yes, those feelings would be hard to relive,

Yes it was nothing how we both imagined up ending.

But yes, yes love, I'd have it no other way.

There was no better future to hope of, dream of….

To live for.
Copyright to me.
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November 9, 2012
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